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Internet Services

Secure and Robust

Transform IT infrastructure and optimize business processes

Cloud adoption is a driving force for enabling organizations to streamline their business processes and accelerate tech upgrades. Cloud Solutions is designed to be India’s largest local cloud provider through easy buy options, affordable price points, localization, reach, and an ecosystem of right solutions.

We are looking at accelerating the start-up ecosystem and drive the next generation innovation in digital solutions through our platforms. The transformation from physical servers to Cloud, using integrated bundles (Cloud servers + Network + Solutions) along with industry-wise differentiated solutions make us the most preferred partner in the market today!

Dedicated internet connectivity for businesses

For businesses to run smoothly, the basic need is to have consistent, fast, reliable and secure connectivity to perform business tasks. An Internet Leased Line or ILL is a premium Internet connectivity service that is dedicated and provides un-contended symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. Businesses also get an option for burstable bandwidth to meet sudden traffic spikes or growing business needs.

With an ILL connection from Tier1 ISP, you get dedicated, secure and symmetrical bandwidth backed by Enterprise-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA). Tier 1 ISP unmatched caching and peering capabilities provide seamless user experience across interfacing platforms. The service is supported with a state-of-the-art digital Self-Care portal that allows for end-to-end management of service. In addition to this, with over 1,000+ Support Centers, you can be assured that support is always close at hand.

Get future-ready

We build digital ecosystems for your customers, suppliers and employees.

Business Applications

Enhance efficiency, productivity and management of employees with SaaS based solutions


Get fast, secure & scalable data-connectivity solutions, to best suit your business needs

Internet of Things

Stay on top of your business processes with best-in-class intelligent IoT solutions

Business Solution

Achieve more with bundle of digital services in a single solution for growing businesses

Cloud Solution

Optimize business processes, transform IT infrastructure and save cost with JioCloud

Marketing Solutions

Connect your brand with customers using interactive voice, video, messaging and web solutions


Stay connected anytime & anywhere with mobility solutions


Protect your business and assets with advanced cyber security solutions

Voice & Collaboration

Communicate seamlessly and collaborate in real-time with HD voice, video conferencing and more

Tailored to transform


Fuel your startup with the right technology setup.


Empowering small and medium enterprises to scale up digitally.

Large Enterprises

Global standard solutions for strengthening large enterprises.


Enabling governments to drive digital transformation.

One-stop-partner for all business needs

We offering designed to help micro, small and medium businesses leverage the power of digital technologies and run their businesses more efficiently. This is an integrated solution that brings together Enterprise-grade voice and data services, digital solutions and devices to offer value that is truly unmatched. This solution is ideal for small growing businesses as it offers a level playing field to compete with larger enterprises.

With just 1/10th the cost of what an SMB would spend towards connectivity, productivity, and automation tools, We offers a lot more – up to 1 Gbps speed with symmetric upload and download, static IP, voice services and a slew of digital services designed to scale operations and drive productivity.


What is Internet? What is Internet? How is it different from Others ISP?
The internet is a global network connecting computers and devices, allowing worldwide communication and access to information. It provides digital solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our services span across Connectivity, Security, Mobility, Voice and Collaboration, IoT, Marketing Solutions, and Cloud. Solutions is one of the leading mobile and network connectivity providers in the country, and it offers connectivity to individuals.
Our ISP caters to which customer segments?
ISP caters to businesses of all sectors and sizes. The customer segments range from Strategic and Large Groups (SLGs), Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), to startup and micro businesses. We also serve different kinds of industries through our industry-specific solutions.
What services can customers expect from VSFITS?
We provides services across Connectivity, Voice & Collaboration, Mobile, Security, Cloud, Marketing, Business Applications, IoT and Cloud. We continuously add innovative services to our portfolio including bundled solutions to cater to multitude business needs of our customers.
What does VSFITS bring to the table, as compared to the other service providers?
Tier1 ISP offers the following unique advantages as compared to other service providers: Widest network reach in the country that ensures connectivity even in the remotest locations in India Highly scalable and future-ready network infrastructure that offers maximum uptime Highest number of customer touchpoints, Digital Self-Care and 24x7 Assisted Care to support customers Customer-centric approach and strong commitment to SLA Partnerships with industry leaders from across the globe, to provide best-in-class technology and solutions

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